62,000 DKK from Sønderborg to Laos and Cambodia

In 2016, SOS Children’s Villages in Sønderborg, Denmark, have sent 62,000 DKK to children in Laos and Cambodia. A Christmas raffle at a market in Cathrinesminde gave a surplus of 20,000 DKK, and combined with other activities in 2016, the association has collected 62,000 DKK for four SOS projects in Laos and Cambodia.

The money is very much needed in Cambodia and Laos. The two countries suffer from deep poverty, and especially the children are affected by this. A lot of parents leave their children to find work. This means that the children themselves must work to survive, which leads to many children ending up on the street or in prostitution. Many children are only a few years in school, and malnutrition is also a huge problem in the countries.

Source: Lokalavisen Sønderborg

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