Contaminated eggs scandal spreads from Europe to Hong Kong

Millions of eggs have been pulled from supermarket shelves across Europe and dozens of poultry farms closed since the discovery of fipronil in eggs, which can harm human health, was made public on August 1.

On Friday, The European Commission called for a special meeting as new discoveries on contaminating eggs were made. Denmark announced it had found two tons of fipronil-tainted scrambled eggs, bringing the total of contaminated eggs to 22 tons, mainly from Belgium.

Contaminated with insecticide, the eggs spread to 15 EU countries, including Denmark and Sweden, Switzerland and as far away as Hong Kong. The southern Chinese city is the first place in Asia known to be affected by the crises. The eggs Hong Kong received were according to Brussels from the Netherlands.

Ministers and food safety chiefs from around the European Union are set to meet on September 26 in a bid to get countries to stop “blaming and shaming” each other over the scare involving the chemical fipronil.

Fipronil is commonly used to get rid of fleas, lice and ticks from animals but is banned by the European Union from use in the food industry.

The EU insists there is no threat to human health, but the World Health Organization (WHO) says that when eaten in large quantities it can harm people’s kidneys, liver and thyroid glands.

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