Copenhagen cinema shows liberty films from Myanmar during film festival

In the movie “My Buddha is Punk” a young punk musician travels around the country to promote his philosophy; a mixture of Buddha and punk – in his pursuit to obtain freedom and human rights for the people.

Copenhagen cinema museum Cinemateket showed liberty films from Myanmar at the film festival Myanmar 2.0 during two days on August 8-9 2017. The stories depicted in the films contribute to the understanding of a newborn country where fear and silence have ruled, but where it for the first time in 50 years is possible to show films without censor.

The festival asks what it is like to be a human and communicator in a country where democracy is still finding its place. Rules are being changed rapidly but there are still journalists and civilians being exposed to censure and threats, when they express themselves in newspapers and online.

Cinemateket wanted to put focus on this by showing films, engage people in debates and talks through the film festival Myanmar 2.0.

Under five different headlines, film were shown at the festival, each pointing out a part of the present life in the South East Asian country. The five categories were: “Religion in today’s Myanmar,” “My Buddha is Punk,” “Myanmar democracy anno 2017,” “Myanmar behind the surface,” and “The wild youth of Myanmar”.

The title Myanmar 2.0 refers to the Myanmar today compared to the Myanmar five years ago, where Cinemateket last had a themed festival about the country – that time with a very different reason behind the theme – dictator ship instead of democracy. The debate now goes on, whether life in Myanmar also has upgraded to a 2.0 position after the country’s first democratic election.

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