Danish band MLTR back with new show for their Chinese fans

Danish pop-rock band Michael Learns to Rock bring their clean-cut aesthetic and earnest pop songs to China this week, playing in Hong Kong today, 22. August 2017 and in Shanghai on 26. August 2017. MLTR has a huge fan base in China and throughout Asia.

According to the Danish group, people in Asia are very emotional, which is why so many enjoy singing along to their pop songs. “It is like our music fits perfectly into the state of mind of many Asian people and that people in Asia really understand what our music is about.”

MLTR recently collaborated with Chinese artist Phoebe, doing a bilingual song. “We think Phoebe is a great singer. It was a great experience trying to do a song aimed at our Chinese fans and a lot of fun recording music video etc. in China.”

The band holds onto many dear memories when it comes to performing in China. Beijing and Shanghai are two of their favorite places play. However, their previously shows in Hong Kong and Guangzhou were likewise very memorable and so the band says it is going to be great coming back to these cities again; this time with a few surprises: “We will bring a brand new show with new visual effects and a few surprises especially for our Chinese fans,” MRLT says.

Read the entire interview with the band here: https://www.thatsmags.com/shanghai/post/20305/michael-learns-to-rock-on-their-massive-following-in-china

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