Denmark to abolish ship registration fee

The Danish government proposes removing the ship registration fee on merchant ships to boost the growth of vessels waving the Danish flag.

On 30 august 2017 the Danish government submitted its plan as part of its intensions to boost the Danish Economy. Moreover, the Danish shipping companies are pleased with this proposal.

“Today, it can be three to four times more expensive to register a ship in Denmark than in, for example, Singapore,” says Jan Rindbo, CEO of the Danish shipping company Norden. “The better the conditions offered by Denmark, the higher the probability that more ships will fly the Danish flag. I see it as an important matter for the entire shipping industry.”

Likewise, Anne H. Steffensen, CEO of Danish Shipping, says: “It is a good day for the Danish maritime cluster, and it sends a strong signal that Denmark will be a global maritime power house.”

GT, Gross Tonnage, is the total volume of all of a ship’s enclosed spaces.

As of April 1, 2017, there were 683 merchant vessels flying the Danish flag. Container vessels make up more than 10 million of the gross tonnage (GT) registered in Denmark. Tankers and offshore vessels are the two largest groups, but the tonnage is limited because of the lesser dimensions in offshore and the specialization
in product tank by Danish companies. Dry bulk continues to fade in the Danish
registers, as operational expenses are higher than in other countries.

The Danish maritime cluster, Blue Denmark, employs 100,000 people. More than half are directly employed (60,000).

Today, when registering a ship in Denmark, a one-time fee of one per thousandth of the value of a ship is charged, as well as a fee for registration of a mortgage, which also represents one per thousandth of the value of the deposit. This applies when a second-hand ship registers in the Danish International Ship Register, whereas in many competing countries a far lower charge is paid.

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