Finnish BioGTS builds big in China

Photo: BioGTS

The Finnish manufacturer of biogas and biodiesel plants, BioGTS, agrees to deliver a biogas plant to China.

The biogas plant will be able to process about 31,000 tons of agricultural biomass annually. The produced biogas will be used as a substitute for natural gas in traffic use, and it will be fed into a natural gas grid, as well. In the process, the residue will be utilized as fertilizer that meets the organic food productions standards.

The construction of the huge biogas plant is already underway. More than 90 percent of the plant’s components are manufactured by Finnish engineering workshops.

It is expected that the components will be delivered to China by the beginning of 2018. Soon afterwards, the installantion og the biogas plant will start on the site in central China and it is scheduled to start operating in April or May the same year.

Mika Rauiainen, CEO, thinks the project is an important first step towards similar projects in the future:

“This is our company’s first biogas plant delivery to China and we are currently negotiating for several similar projects,” he says. “The fact that we have not had a local reference has been one of the most important obstacles for trade in China. Along with this project, we will have a reference in China that we can show to our customers there without having to go abroad.”


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