Norway closer to full Chinese market access

The list of Norwegian producers approved as exports to China within the fish market is now being updated, which means Norway is taking a step closer to full access to the Chinese market. The list has not been updated since 2015 but now Norway is updating the lists of companies approved to export to China.

This means that new companies, renamed companies, and relocated companies now get a shot at delivering seafood to the world’s biggest market. This appears after the Norwegian Food Safety Authority’s delegation visited China last week. Martin Misje, senior advisor to export and import section of the Norwegian Food Safety Authority stated that they have received assurances that the lists of approved fish products exporters to China will be updated by the end of October 2017:

“We shall have to wait and see when this gets done, but that’s what they said.”

There are an estimated 393 companies which are not included in the lists. Of these, 81 companies have applied for re-listing, 258 have changed their names or addresses, and 54 are newly-established companies ready to get a bite of the Chinese market. Misje assured that from now on, the lists will be updated regularly.

It is salmon and wild fish producers and sometimes fishing vessels that must be registered, while dedicated export companies can trade with China without a listing.

However, some producers will not be able to make it onto the lists. The counties of Nordland, Troms and Sor-Torondelag are currently suspended from exporting salmon to China due to the presence of infectious salmon anaemia (ISA) and pancreas disease (PD) in these areas.

This has been a subject of discussion, but an agreement has not yet been reached with the Chinese authorities on the lifting of the exclusion ban against the three counties. However, the dialogue will continue, Misje said.

“The Norwegian Food Safety Authority intends to invite the Chinese authorities to Norway, which we hope will be able to come during the first six months of 2018.”

While not yet approved, Norwegian fishmeal and oil exports are going through a process of checking for potential market access, as well.

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