The Danish Seamen’s Church welcomes Danes to Singapore

About 200 Danes gathered for the annual September party at the Danish Seamen’s Church in Singapore on Saturday 9 September 2017.

The red and white colors of Dannebrog gently waved amongst all the green on the top of Mount Faber, welcoming both new and well-established Danes in Singapore to an eventful evening at the church.

A huge tent had been erected for the occasion and at 4 pm people slowly started showing up. Several Danish associations in Singapore had stands, presenting their foundations and ideas to the many guests: The Danish Business Association (DABS), The Royal Danish Embassy, Scandinavian Women’s Association (SWA), the Danish Seamen’s Church, Danish Supplement School (DSS), Singapore Vikings, and the German European School in Singapore (GESS).

“It is a tradition almost as old as the church,” said Kirsten Eistrup, pastor at the Danish Seamen’s Church said about the event.

“After the summer is over, we welcome back people to Singapore.”

Certainly, it was a nice welcome for all ages. There were people creating balloon animals for the younger crowd, both pretty flowers and cute dogs. However, the machine guns turned out to be the most popular among the many children on such a sunny and peaceful afternoon.

Later a magician did his to entertain the children, and based on reactions afterwards, it was “formidably good,” leaving the floor in the church covered in confetti.

At 6:30 pm dinner was served, which meant 200 people exchanging their food tickets for plates, making it hard for the buffet to keep up with the many hungry guests. Nevertheless, there was plenty of food and plenty of Danish beer, and so the atmosphere was very pleasant and positive.

Towards the late hours of the day, the tables up front were removed, making room for a dancefloor. The band that had played dinner music all through the evening turned up the volume, making people get up their seats and out on the floor to show off their moves to all time pop songs.

“I think people like to come here, because it strengthens our identity as Danish. It is nice to meet each other and be reminded of that indefinable glue that ties us together. And also, people just relax here, they do not have to worry about anything,” Kirsten Eistrup said.

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