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To see all the Scandinavian news in your specific country of interest, please select your country – ChinaCambodiaIndonesiaLaosMalaysiaPhilippinesSingaporeThailandVietnam.

“Where do you live?” is to give you the option to see news of relevance to people from all the Nordic countries but only in one Asian country – this would typically be the country where you live.

“Where are you from?” is the other selection – here you select news of special relevance to only one Nordic nationality, but regardless of which country in Asia, it took place.

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Initially, ScandAsia covered only the ASEAN countries. But as more and more people from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland moved to take up business positions in China we felt it natural to include also this great and fascinating country.  Eventually, we would like to include also Korea, Japan and the Indian sub-continent. We welcome any ideas that you may have in this respect.


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