More Thais, Philippines, and Chinese have full time jobs in Denmark

In Denmark, the number of full-time employed foreigners reached 200.000 in June 2017. Now almost one out of ten persons on full-time employment is a foreigner, which is a record high number.

Out of the 200.000 foreigners, 5,5 percent are Chinese, Thai, and Philippines. Thai make up for 2,2 percent of the total, Chinese 1,8 percent, and Philippines 1,5 percent.

According to Steen Nielsen, Assistant Director, The Confederation of Danish Industry (DI), there is a need for additional foreign workers and so it should be easier for people outside of the EU to come and work in Denmark, as well. It is especially highly educated workers that are in demand. However, most industries are in need of extra hands, and so Denmark should rather focus on how to attract more qualified workers instead of how to repel them, he says.

In 2013, 150.000 foreigners were full-time employed in Denmark and since then the number has amplified with 51.000 people. That confirms economic prosperity in Denmark, Nielsen says.


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