New Ambassador in Singapore

Sweden’s new Ambassador to Singapore, Mr. Teppo Tauriainen took up his position by the end of 2002.
     “Since this is my first posting as ambassador it is a great professional challenge,” Mr. Teppo Tauriainen says.
     “In light of my particular interest in trade policy I especially welcome the present high level of activity when it comes to free trade agreements in Singapore as well in the rest of the ASEAN countries.”
     Mr. Taurianen comes from a posting in the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Stockholm where he for the past two years has been the deputy head of the department of international trade policy. Previously, he has been posted three years to Finland and Chile respectively.
     “I have no previous working experience of Asia, but I hope that my strong background in trade policy and trade promotion in general will prove useful in Singapore. The Embassy’s main task is to further strengthen the economic relations between Sweden and Singapore,” Mr. Teppo Tauriainen says.
     The Embassy is currently planning to be involved in a number of projects promoting Sweden and Swedish economic interests in Singapore and the region during 2003.
     “In this regard we intend to work closely with the Swedish Business Association in Singapore as well as with individual companies,” Mr. Taurianen says.
     “In addition to traditional Swedish exports of forestry and engineering related products we are planning activities to promote the ITT and the biotech industry. Furthermore, we would like to highlight some of the recent Swedish music exports as well as design, food, and fashion. Swedish films will also be shown in Singapore at a couple of different occasions in 2003.”
     Mr. Teppo Taurianen has been well received by the Swedish community in Singapore.
     “I already feel at home here,” he says.
     “Singapore is a very nice place for both work and pleasure. Not even the tropical climate has so far created any major problems.”
     Mr. Teppo Taurianen joined the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in 1987 after having completed his university studies at the Gothenburg Business School.

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