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Finally ScandAsia joined Facebook. On Facebook we will share our best on-the-spot reports, bigger articles and great photos.

About one month ago ScandAsia joined the online community at Facebook and just now we have more than we more than 50 supporters, are you not one of them, then join the Scandinavian community now.

The best of the best
We want to share our best articles with you, directly into your life and into your Facebook. Stories featured on our Facebook page just now includes:

Norwegian Per and his Beloved Ones
Per Arne is in love with a big lady, or to be more precise, several big ladies, they weigh several hundred kilos and works in the tourist industry. While enjoying his retirement in Thailand together with his wife, Per Arne Granbo, 61, from Norway is very much into two things, politics and his belove…

Wounded Protesters Tell Their Stories
Pong was wounded in his stomach and chest by shrapnel. Tor was shot in his behind when dragging another demonstrator to safety – then dragged to safety himself by the mysterious “men in black”. Nui thought it would be cool to have something to talk about when he went home for Songkran – then he got …

Among friends
ScandAsia is more than just news, your friends is our friends. And ScandAsia is best with the Scandinavian community in all Southeast Asia. Join our Facebook page now – your comments, questions, and suggestions are very much welcome.

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