7 Tips for Planning Your Trip to Saudi Arabia While on a Budget

Saudi Arabia is a country with many different landscapes that you will surely not want to miss out on. There are deserts, mountains, and the Red Sea coast. You can explore Saudi Arabia on foot, by car, or even on camelback!

Moreover, this country was not even available for tourists to explore up until 2019 and then again till 2021 due to the pandemic. Since the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is yet again opening, it’s time to see what beautiful places it’s been hiding.

Saudi Arabia is most definitely a beautiful country that has many attractions to offer, from ancient sites to tropical beaches. With the right planning, you can have an amazing trip for less! 

You’ll be able to explore everything this country has to offer while saving money along the way. 

The trick is knowing where to start and what are some of the best ways you can save when exploring KSA. We will break it down so you know exactly how to plan your next trip to Saudi Arabia on a budget.

Tips for planning a trip to Saudi Arabia while on a budget 

To help plan your budget-friendly trip we have compiled this list of tips: 


1. Research your travel options

There are many different ways to get around in Saudi Arabia so it’s important to research all of them before you book anything.

Doing extensive research may seem overwhelming but it’s one of the best tips for budget travelers.

The research should include not only the way to get around Saudi but also accommodation, flights, and attractions that you plan on trying.

It’s best to start researching even a few months or at least a few weeks before the planned trip.


2. Use the Saudi Arabia eVisa system

Another way to save up some money while planning a trip to Saudi Arabia is to use its eVisa system.

That means no more hassle of having to get a regular visa from your local embassy or consulate. Applying for an eVisa instead can be done in minutes online and will save your time and money!

Saudi Arabia eVisa is issued as a multiple-entry travel authorization that allows multiple stays of 90 days each within one year validity period.

Electronic visa for Saudi Arabia was introduced in 2019 when the country first decided to open up for tourists to ease the whole process of getting into the country.


3. Stay at an Airbnb instead of a hotel

One of the best ways to save money when traveling is by visiting an Airbnb instead of a hotel. 

Not only are you saving up money, but you’re also staying in neighborhoods that locals reside in which will give you access to cheaper restaurants and bars than if you were staying at a hotel. 

All around this makes for an amazing vacation and incredible authentic experiences!


4. Book your flights as early as possible to get a better price

Have you ever booked your flight too late and paid more than you wanted?

Booking flights ahead of time also allows for flexibility in case plans change or if there are any other reasons why booking last minute may not work out. You have nothing to lose by booking early! 

If you book your flight as early as possible, then you will have a better chance of getting a lower price for your airfare.

But sometimes finding cheap flights isn’t always easy…so what do we do? We try our hardest to find deals on travel sites that compare different airlines offers, check out local airlines/discount carriers, and look into student rates/family discounts.


5. Know what you are willing to spend

Knowing how much you are willing to spend can help you in planning your budget out so that you can enjoy your trip as much as possible.

Check your finances and set a maximum budget. From this point on you can start dividing this amount into the essential and non-essential parts of your trip. First, put aside the amount you need for lodging, flights, food, insurance, and eVisa.

Next, check how much you’ve got left and see which attractions you’ll be able to enjoy while in Saudi.

Don’t forget to set aside at least a little bit for some souvenirs!


6. Make a list of all the places you want to visit and work on one spot at a time – prioritizing those that are the most interesting to you

The first thing we recommend doing is making a list of all the places you want to visit and working on one spot at a time. To make it easier for yourself, organize your list by region/attraction type and then alphabetically within each section.

That way you can cross off multiple destinations as well as narrow down where you’re going next without having too much trouble with research.

It’s also best if the most attractions you choose will be within the same area so that you won’t have to add too much to the transportation costs.


7. Consider traveling during the off-peak season

Many people are unaware of how much prices can vary depending on when they go. There are also many advantages to traveling during the off-peak season including:

  • The cost. You’ll find that flights and hotels are much cheaper when they’re not in high demand.
  • Fewer crowds. If you love to walk around exploring new places, then being one of the only people there is a great feeling.
  • New experiences. It’s easy to have an authentic experience with locals because you’re not surrounded by tourists all day!

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