Can You Gambling In China?

Gambling in China is highly controversial due to the strict regulations prohibiting this form of gaming for money. However, at the moment there are several legal ways of betting in Chinese Mainland. We can mention sports betting, as well as lotto games and special virtual terminal games that resemble the classic slots games. The profits these forms of legal gambling have generated in 2012 alone have exceeded $42 billion. Plus, by adding Macau on Hong King to the area, we can say that the People’s Republic of China currently ranks first in gambling revenue.

The Mirage Of Chinese Gambling

Poker, the traditional game of mah-jong or pacing sports wagers continue to be prohibited by law in case they are underway using channels that have not been legally approved. The year 1949 had brought a complete banning of gambling in China, while today it represents the largest legalized market for gambler on the planet – yet another controversy. The Chinese Law regulated gambling and considers it to be illegal other than in the Macau and Hong Kong regions managed by laws that resemble the European gambling laws.


While you might not be able to find Casino Tropez, Jackpot City, or All Slots casinos or games like the ones you can find inside online casinos in Australia, Chinese gambling does have its perks. The playpokiesonline site caters to the needs of slots or pokies passionate, providing them with news, reviews of the best slots casinos, games, and tournaments, information on slots bonuses and full top casino reviews. Te versatility of payment methods, bonuses and promotions topped by huge selections of games turn these casinos online into the number one choice of many – same as legal Chinese gambling facilities attract millions of players on a yearly basis. Australia has also been through a pokies reform, and the future of Chinese gambling might be brighter than anticipated as well.


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