Danish Beer Bar Mikkeller grand opening in Bangkok

Mikkeller, the exclusive Danish beer bar brand, celebrated its Grand Opening in Bangkok Wednesday evening 29 January 2014. The launch of the high-end craft beer outlet, the first of its kind in Asia, was well attended by expat and Thai beer connoisseurs. Vietnamese coffee blend, New Zealand hop, the taste of blueberry, risalamande were some of the exotic, rare or exquisite flavours that they were offered to taste.

Apart from the new Bangkok venue, there are only three other Mikkeller beer bars in the world, two in Copenhagen and another in San Francisco. Mikkeller mainly delivers beers to upscale restaurants and specialty shops. Now the ambition is to be first movers on craft beers in Thailand.

Jakob Mørkenborg Rasmussen, who owns a Thailand-based beer distributing company, made the deal with Mikkeller back in August 2013, to set up shop in Bangkok.

“For some time, my partners and I have been talking about opening up a beer bar here in Bangkok. We wanted to bring in a different kind of quality than people are used to in this part of the world. The beers may be much more pricey than the conventional brands, but we believe they offer a whole different experience in taste,” he said. The prices ranges from THB150-300.


According to Jakob Mørkenborg Rasmussen, the market segment covers primarily tourists with a hobby for luxury beers and the more wealthy Thai people.

“The residents of Bangkok are getting richer and it is also part of Thai culture to go out for a drink often, so we firmly believe that there is a market for the products here,” he said.

Jakob and his friend Mike have done all the carpentry work and interior designs for the bar by themselves, in order to have full control over the aesthetics and ambience of the place.

“Our ambition was to go for bright interiors, not too dark and heavy in the colours, the common style at most of pub-style bars in Bangkok. [This is] another way to show our customers that we are unique in some way”.  The style is similar to the three other Mikkeller bars around the globe with a lounge kind of atmosphere.

Mikkeller has produced hundreds of different types of beer. So far thirty of them are available for tasting from the dispensers at the bar in Bangkok yesterday.


Sukhumvit Soi 63. No 26, Ekkamai, Soi 10, yak 2.

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  1. The location is not particularly good. It reminds me of “Budda”s restaurant.
    My goodness how many beer bars with specialty beers are there in Bangkok. Anyway after the first couple of beers you can’t taste the difference between, say Singha or a beer from the Scottish Highlands.

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