Finnish and Swedish record in softwood lumber imports to China

In April, the import volume of softwood lumber by China reached its second highest level on record as reported by the Wood Resource Quarterly. Sweden, Finland and Russia increased shipments the most.

Importation of softwood lumber to China during the first four months this year was 2.1 percent higher than in the same period last year.

Lumber volumes from the Nordic countries have gone up dramatically in early 2015. Although this region supplies only four percent of the total import volume, it is still noteworthy that shipments from Finland and Sweden were up by 52 percent and 32 percent respectively, year-over-year.

Nordic quality
Since these two countries supply softwood lumber with some of the highest average import values (about $260/m3 CIF) of all countries selling lumber to China, it is an indication that demand for higher quality wood is in increasing demand, reports WRQ.

Sweden exports mainly spruce lumber to China with about 20% being planed wood. A majority of Finnish lumber is also spruce, with the remaining volume being pine.

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