First South East Asian city joins Cities Changing Diabetes

As the first city in South East Asia, Jakarta has become a partner in Cities Changing Diabetes, which is initiated by Danish Novo Nordisk.

Photo: Cities Changing Diabetes

The programme Cities Changing Diabetes could on 24 August welcome Jakarta, Indonesia, into the partnership according to Novo Nordisk.

Cities Changing Diabetes is a programme launched by Danish Novo Nordisk, Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen and University College London in 2014. The programme aims to fight type 2 diabetes in cities, since a high number of people suffering from the illness live in urban areas.

Animation: Cities Changing Diabetes

The programme has established local partnerships in 17 cities around the world to address the social factors and cultural determinants that can increase type 2 diabetes vulnerability among certain people living in cities.

Six other cities in Asia are a part of Cities Changing Diabetes:  Beijing, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Tianjin, Xiamen (all China) and Koriyama (Japan).

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