Indoor Hockey Facts

Indoor field hockey is the indoor alternative to the classic game of hockey regularly played on outdoor pitches. It is usually used when weather conditions such as extreme cold or high temperatures disable outdoor pitches to be used for normal game play. The game can be played on flat, smooth, or hard surfaces and sports halls tend to be the most common locations picked for hosting entire local, regional, national, or international hockey championships altogether. The game should not be confused with floorball or rink hockey which are additional alternatives to classic hockey games. Below you will find a few extra facts on the characteristics of indoor hockey.


Basic Game Play Facts


A game of indoor hockey has two 20-minute periods and it requires two teams consisting of five players each. The matches are being supervised by two umpires located on the pitch. Goals are scored whenever the attackers manage to push flicks; the same occurs when the attackers scoop into the goal of the opponents while inside the scoring circle. Scoring goals triggers actions such as pushing, dribbling and passing on the field. Sweeping movements are not permitted when playing indoor hokey in order to hit the ball. This is one of the main differences in terms of game rules when playing the indoor variant of the classic game. This stick movement is allowed while playing the outdoor version. Instead, the ball needs to be skillfully moved with the help of deflections. Stick work is also a crucial aspect of any game of hockey played in the indoors. A beautiful move is that of gaining control over the ball while accurately dribbling all across the interior pitch and weaving through both the sticks and the legs of the opposite team’ defenders. For more skilled dribbling ideas, check out some online videos of professional hockey layers. While learning more about the game, check out the Deal Or No Deal game just like you saw it on TV; you can now play the game at Ladbrokes from the comfort of your own home!


Indoor Hockey: Playing Field Facts

A classic indoor hockey field is no longer than 22m with 18m as a minimum and it is at least 36 meters long, with a maximum of 44 meters. In terms of ball requirements, there are no differences between the outdoor and indoor variants of the game. The same goes for the stick requirements, even though at times indoor players use lighter sticks. The cages that correspond to the goal areas on the field have smaller sizes as compared to the outdoor game having one meter deep, 3 meters I width and 2 meters in height.


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