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In Southeast-Asia since 2001, having gained and built a foothold within media and marketing. Media (photojournalism, video production etc.) and music (publisher, promotor, DJ, music consultant) are special interests and in focus also in my professional life. Hotels (reviews and features) and lifestyle journalism are also  specialty focus areas. From freelancing since 2005 I am was in 2016 until 2018 the managing editor for ScandAsia magazines as well as a representative. The core focus now was to engage with and provide for any needs for outreach within business and trade within a Nordic-Asia setting, e.g PR service, content marketing. ScandAsia cooperates with embassies, chambers of commerce and of course the business world. Startups, digital economy, entrepreneurship, B2B as well as B2C and C2C are in focus! My other special interests are: CSR, sustainability, circular economy, future education and business/trade. Since January 2019 I am again a freelance contributor.



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