Norwegian Couple Awarded With Nobel Prize in Medicine

The Nobel Prize in Medicine for 2014 was awarded to May-Britt and Edvaed Moser, a Norwegian husband-and-wife team of researchers and John O’Keefe, an Anglo-American scientist. Their discovery? The so-called GPS of the brain.


What Is Helping Us Find Our Way?


The team of three researchers managed to win the much longed for Nobel Prize in the field of medicine for having discovered the actual navigation systems used by the human brain. This mechanism is the one that aids us find our way into this world. Norway is proud to see its very first Nobel Prize in Medicine reach its soil. The winning research rose up from other similarly exciting medicine breakthroughs thanks to the fact that is stands for a genuine paradigm shift in neuroscience. Researchers all over the world now have a much greater chance of perceiving the special memory loss that is often times tied to Alzheimer's. If you or someone you know is suffering from a similar health problems or you feel too much time has passed since your last medical checkup and you want some true professionals to handle your lab results, you can check out the Unimed clinics in Israel and enjoy some of the best physicians in the world, holding international certifications, and costs that are at times 50% smaller than the ones you might pay in the United States, Australia, Great Britain, or Germany. For more details look at the current Unimed offers on their official website and get in touch with the best doctors today.


The Norwegian discovery focuses on the actual cells that play a crucial part in our brain’s ability to orient us into space. Losing the respective cells will lead to our inability to find our way properly, which often times occurs for Alzheimer patients. The Nobel Laureates from Norway expressed how proud they are of the supportive Norwegian people.

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