Novo Nordisk recruits from Vietnam and the Philippines

Novo Nordisk is recruiting young talented people from all over the world to their annual graduate programme these days. Especially Vietnam and the Philippines are important countries for the Danish multinational pharmaceutical company, CEO says. 

Kære læser. Det er i strid med lov om ophavsret at kopiere og videresende artikler uden brug af det officielle link: Koncerndirektør Lars Fruergaard Jørgensen, som selv var på i Novo Nordisks allerførste graduate-program, bød forleden 120 inviterede kandidater velkommen til slutspurten om årets 42 graduate-stillinger. Foto: Thomas Nielsen

“The purpose of the programme is to recruit young people, who are interested in living a bit unsettled the first few years they are employed. They will be presented with different issues and get the opportunity to work in different countries,” CEO Lars Fruergaard Jørgensen, who is responsible for corporate development, says.

In particular talented young people from the growth markets around in the world, are important for Novo Nordisk.

“It is important for us to train young talents from, for instance, Vietnam and the Philippines, so they can help us drive the growth in these countries,” Lars Fruergaard Jørgensen says.

More than 9,000 graduates from the majority of the world’s countries have joined Novo Nordisk’s annual graduate program. 42 candidates will be employed in the programme in the end.

Source: Børsen

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