TechInnovation 2017: Tomorrow is already here today

The expo halls of Marina Bay Sands were maxed out with new and smart companies; ready to show Singapore how their technological inventions can make everything just a little bit more convenient. IPI opened up the doors for this sixth annual industry-technology matching event on 19-20 September. The purpose of TechInnovation is to bring enterprises who seek innovative solutions together with technology providers to explore technology transfer and R&D collaboration opportunities. This is open innovation. At the convention was both a Finland 100 booth and a European Union Pavilion. Three Finnish companies with very different products were present to seek the possibility of expansion within the Asian region.  


3D digital building with SOVA3D

SOVA3D, studio of virtual architecture in 3D, was one of the seven Finnish companies present at the Finland 100 booth for the event. The company develops a web-based building project management system, a 3D mapping to visualize houses and buildings’ environment of construction. The idea is that both clients, constructers, designers and architects can follow the process of a building’s creation and interact with each other, giving everyone a better sense of what is going on. It is done through building information modeling, a digital representation of shared knowledge on physical and functional characteristics of a facility.

Petri Kokko, CEO, says that the idea is to speed up the process of both design and construction. The format provides a city model which is always updated with data on environmental information, which makes it easier to picture the building when finished. You can see how the building will fit in with the surrounding buildings, how its shadow will fall during the day, which brings a better overview to the whole team. The system is integrated with ‘’ building permission service, which speeds up the building permission for the actual construction work. The format used is Industry Foundation Classes (IFC). It is a neutral platform, which is not controlled by a single vendor or group of vendors. Like Petri Kokko said: “Nobody owns the format, but everyone can use it.”

CEO Petri Kokko established SOVA3D in 2015. Now they have partners with other Finnish technological innovative companies like Evolta and Terrasolid.


MetGen: Enzymatic solutions to utilize full value of raw material

The company MetGen empowers the biochemical industry to get more value out of the raw materials like pulp and paper, bio-refining/renewable chemicals, water treatment, biogas and textiles. This they do with enzymatic solutions. The process is about fracturing the materials into its tiny organic molecules, which then can be used in another way instead of going to waste. For instance, wheat, where the shells and straws often go to waste, MetGen have developed Metzymes, enzymes that can fracture the sugars into chemistry, which then can be used in other contexts. This idea about breaking up the leftover biomass to reuse it is not only done by MetGen. However, as CTO in the company Matti Heikkilä said: “We go that extra mile in the process to make it clean, which brings extra value to the material.”

With severe increase in world population, the idea about sustainable use of materials is a key focus in the company’s intentions with their products. The need for planting new all the time decreases and it will save a lot energy.

MetGen thrives to decrease customers’ dependence on fossil fuels by increasing production yields with reduced costs and energy consumption. Here CTO Matti Heikkilä.


HappyOrNot: Digital feedback to improve work environment and business

The eight-year-old company HappyOrNot provides innovative feedback systems and intelligent data analytics reporting service to help business performance, employee experience and engagement. Smiley terminals give customers in a store or employees at a company the possibility to anonymously evaluate their experience that day by choosing either a very happy smiley, a somewhat happy smiley, a somewhat frowning smiley, or a definite frowning smiley. There is no yellow neutral smiley, so you have to choose positive or negative. Like Jarkko Sipiläinen, Business Line Director, pointed out “all Finnish would otherwise choose that one.”

The responses will be collected and reported back to the employer as simple statistical data views. This way employers and storeowners can evaluate the day and optimize the way of doing things, if there were an overload of frowning smileys. “Happy employees create happy customers which create more money,” Jarkko Sipiläinen, Business Line Director, HR, HappyOrNot, said.

Caption: HappyOrNot was established in 2009 and now companies in 115 countries use their services. Here Jarkko Sipiläinen, Business Line Director, and the famous smileys.

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