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Scandinavian Publishing Co., Ltd. (See map at the bottom of the page or click to open in new window)
211 Soi Prasert-Manukitch 29
Prasert-Manukitch Road
Bangkok 10230 – Thailand
Tel: +6629437166

Editorial Marketing Administration
Gregers Moller
+66 2 943 7166 #115 
Local Correspondents
Would you like to join as local ScandAsia Correspondent? Then Editor-In-Chief Gregers Moller will be happy to hear from you!


Marketing Director
Finn Balslev
+66 2 943 7166 #116

Marketing Assistant
Sopida Yatprom
+66 2 943 7166 #117

Local Media Representatives
Account Executive
Joakim Persson 
Would you care to join as local ScandAsia media representative? Then Editor in Chief Gregers Moller will be happy to hear from you!


Managing Director
Disraporn Yatprom
+66 2 943 7166 #106

Senior Accountant
Aticha Kommales
+66 2 943 7166 #104

Graphic Production
Graphic Designer
Peerapol Meesuwan
+66 2 943 7166 #112

Subscription & Distribution
Distribution Assistant
Sopida Yatprom
+66 2 943 7166 #117/

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  5. Given the current presence of Danish renewable energy companies in Taiwan, I’m wondering why there is no dedicated section for Taiwan on your website. Hopefully, it is not because of the political pressure from China?

  6. “Finnish Man Murdered In Pattaya”
    An old article from 2008 but this murdered man Mr. Erkki Aaltonen was my first cousin. It has been troubling me since because I have had not any contact since from his wife.
    Do you have any information what happened to the accused couple or any link to the trial or verdict?
    Best Regards
    Ilkka Aaltonen
    Tampere Finland

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