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Danish foundation launches biodiversity investment in Southeast Asia

The Copenhagen-based Hempel Foundation has launched an impact investment initiative for biodiversity. The Foundation made its first investment in two funds backing sustainable plantation – including one in Southeast Asia. …

Business in Asia

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Acne Studios opens first store in Singapore

The Swedish-based Luxury brand, with more than 60 stores globally, just opened its first store in Singapore. With the opening, the brand also makes their debut into the Southeast Asia …

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Indonesian Muslims protest Quran burning in Sweden

Monday, hundreds of Indonesian Muslims marched to the Swedish Embassy in Jakarta to condemn the recent burnings of the Quran by the far-right activists Rasmus Paludan. More than 300 protesters …

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Finnish filmmaker Naima Mohamud visited Finland in Kuala Lumpur

Embassy of Finland in Kuala Lumpur has reported it had the pleasure of receiving a visit from Naima Mohamud, a Finnish director and filmmaker creating friendly and humoristic movies. Naima …