China ‘top three’ spy in Sweden

The General Director of the Swedish Security Service Anders, Thornberg has disclosed that there are more than 15 countries spying in Sweden. The top three are Russia, Iran and China.


According to the Swedish Security Service, these countries recruit agents. These agents sometimes belong to groups the Chinese regime targets.
One Uighur man, Babur Maihesuti was sentenced to one year and ten months in prison in September 2010 for ”aggravated illegal espionage activity” for the Chinese regime.
The man had been spying on Uyghur organizations in Sweden, Norway, Germany and the USA.
He got information by sympathizing with the ethnic Uighurs and participating in their meetings. He targeted a spokesperson for the World Uyghur Congress in Sweden, Dilxat Rexit.
Dilxat Rexit was surprised, then angry and sad to discover that someone he had regarded as a friend was actually spying on him.
[Dilxat Rexit, World Uyghur Congress Sweden Spokesperson]:
“In Sweden Babour gathered information about my family, my financial situation, my network and activities and reported it to the Chinese Embassy. With that information, those who work with security both inside and outside of China have full control over my personal life. So they can arbitrarily take measures to limit and attack me.”
The spy gave the information to a former diplomat, Zhou Lulu at the Chinese Embassy in Sweden and a Chinese journalist, Lei Da at China People’s Daily. Both were on assignment for the Chinese regime’s intelligence service.
He reported political activity of the World Uyghur Congress, about what had been said at meetings and by whom. He also gave information of important persons’ political asylum, health status, country of residence, travel and phone numbers to the Chinese regime.
In return the Chinese regime gave him money and personal services. His wife got a free visa and his daughter-in-law was given a job.
Uyghurs are the indigenous residents of China’s Xinjiang Autonomous Region—a region rich in natural resources.  The Chinese regime has a deliberate policy for Han Chinese to repress the Uyghurs.
“It also means that he Chinese people in China find it extremely difficult to get in among the Uyghur’s and get information about our movements overseas, so they use Uyghurs and bribe people with weak character,” said Dilxat Rexit, World Uyghur Congress in Sweden Spokesperson.
The diplomat and the journalist could not be questioned because of their immunity. They were both deported from Sweden.
The Chinese regime especially targets five groups to spy on: Tibetans, Uyghurs, Taiwan independence groups, Pro-democracy activists and Falun Gong practitioners. The Chinese aims to control these groups both inside and outside of China.
Source: NTD News

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