Norway to tighten access to citizenship

Norwegians growing up outside Norway must live two years in Norway before their 22nd birthday or they will loose their Norwegian citizenship.
      Norway’s Minister for municipal and regional affairs Ms Erna Solberg at a seminar about Norway’s policy for integration of foreigners recently revealed parts of a coming legal package concerning citizenship and integration which will also contain new regulations for Norwegians abroad.
      “There are many Norwegian citizens who have never lived in Norway. That is a problem,” she said.
      Children born to a Norwegian citizen abroad initially have the Norwegian citizenship as their birthright. But if the new proposal will strip of this right the day they turn 22 if they have not lived for at least two years prior to the day.
      “This will among others concern quite a few children born to Norwegian fathers who are “stranded” in for instance Thailand,” Solberg said.
      The proposed regulations will also make it more difficult to obtain Norwegian citizenship for resident foreigners in Norway. For the past ten years, Norway has granted citizenship to around 10,000 persons per year. Today, citizenship will automatically be granted individuals between 21 and 23 years of age if they have lived in Norway for at least 10 years of which five must be before they turned 16 years.

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