Day 9 — back home and in Thailand

Based on the information below from the four Nordic countries of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, the worst case death toll of Nordic citizens could be a total of 3.708 persons.
     Denmark: around 200 persons
     Finland: 193 persons.
     Norway: around 400 persons (awaiting revised list today)
     Sweden: 2915 persons
     Iceland: 0 persons
     Thai authorities said on Sunday that the search for victims will be halted on Wednesday and only a special team will assist foreigners in searching in specific locations.


Sweden has taken 700 names off its missing list after a meticulous work of contacting relatives on its list of 3600 indviduals. The remaining number of Swedes not yet found are now down to a horrifying 2915 persons.
     Checking the list of confirmed deaths also brought down the number of Swedish casualties from 59 to 52 Swedes who died in the disaster.
     Yesterday about 2.000 Swedish tourists who left Thailand on Saturday arrived Sweden on special planes organized jointly by the three Scandinavian countries.

Denmark could strike 177 people from its list of missing people after publishing the list on Sunday. The remaining 91 people on the list are still not found.
     The police holds back a list of an additional 100 people reported missing because the information about them is so scarece that they have not been able to find them in the central database over Danish citizens.
     Consequently there are still about 200 Danes missing.

Names of Norwegians missing after the flood disaster in Thailand will be made public Monday, minister for justice Odd Einar Dørum said on Sunday.
     An intensive work is going on comparing lists of uknown victims and missing Norwegians. On Sunday, a list from the Thai immigration police of departed Norwegians, Danes and Swedes since 1 December were picked up from Bangkok airport by staff working at the Danish embassy in a shared Scandinavian effort to identify all returned citizens from the three countries.
     The revised list will then be published today.

Finnish list
     Finnish Police published on Saturday a revised list of 193 missing persons after the disaster in Thailand after the first list was published on Friday.
      Following the publication, several names had been removed, while others had been added as a result of public reaction to the list.
Friday afternoon 194 individuals were listed as unaccounted for and further four names were added later. On Saturday, the list was again revised, with 193 names remaining.
The National Bureau of Investigation naturally welcomed the news of names being removed on Friday and Saturday from the original list, as it was also a vindication of the controversial decision to make them public.

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