Day 12 — good news among the bad news

Five of the 16 Norwegians, which were initially confirmed dead, have turned out not to be Norwegians. Health Minister Ansgar Gabrielsen explained yesterday, that the initial list was based on information from the authorities in Thailand who must have made errors in when keying in the data in the computer system.
     The Norwegian list of missing stood unchanged at 82 persons.
     The initial Swedish death list was a few days ago cut down from 59 to 52 Swedish nationals.

Not one of the 15 Finnish victims first recorded as Finnish has turned out to be Finnish anyway. As the Finnish police over the past few days made pre-identification of the victims, all turned out not to be Finns. The only Finnish victim at this point is thus the Finnish national, who was evatuated back to Finland and died while in hospoital in Helsinki.
     “Olli Kolstela of the Finnish police in charge of the search efforts explains to Helsingin-Sanomat that the initial information came from the Thai police and was deemed trustworthy. The identification work is done in two stages, a pre-identification and a final confirmation. The fisteen Finns dropped out of the list already in the pre-identification round.

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