Thais robbed on 40 kilo blueberries

On odd robbery took place last week in Junsele, northern Sweden. When nine Thai blueberry pickers returned to their minivan for a break and load 40 kilo blueberries, six mean looking men waited there, writes Ångermanland newspaper.
         Armed with axes and knives the intruders searched the minivan and robbed the Thais of their blueberries, all 40 kilos, and all food. One of the robbers held his knife against the throat on one of the frightened Thais. The robbers, all but one drunk, then cut a tire on the minivan and drove off in a car with foreign license plates.
         The robbery has scared the Thais who want protection before they return to the site to collect some blueberries already picked and stored in the forest before the incident took place.

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