More Direct Flights to Phuket

The packed order books of the Danish travel agencies confirm once and for all that the 2004 Tsunami has not been able to quench the Danes’ passion for the Thai vacation island of Phuket. For what will be the second winter season in a row since the grusome wave plagued Phuket and its surrounding region with death and destruction, the amount of Danes wanting to spend their winter vacation on the island in South Thailand is growing.
     So much so that Phuket already looks to be the most popular travel destination for Danes in the upcoming winter season. Taking the consequence of this, the Danish travel agency Tjaereborg Rejser has decided to introduce two direct flights from Aalborg to Phuket, starting in November. These two routes will be an addition to the agency’s already existing connections to Phuket from Billund.
     The first departure for the new connection from Aalborg is on November 14, and Tjaereborg Rejser has already sold 120 of the 160 seats, which are available to the travel agency.
     ”With the pace in which these trips to Thailand are being sold we can already now say that our attempt to fly in and out of Aalborg to Phuket is a success. On the departure on April 3 2007 we have almost sold every other travel package – a sales pattern that is even better than our flights from Copenhagen, which sell pretty well too,” says Sales Director Kjeld Gadegaard from Tjaereborg Rejser.
     The airline used by Tjaereborg Rejser for these connections is MyTravel Airways, and the aeroplanes used are the big A330-models.

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