Kidnapped Girl Back In Sweden With Her Mother

The six year old girl who has been held away in Cambodia by her father landed in
the morning at Arlanda airport. Along with her was her mother.
    “It feels very good. I am so incredibly relieved that I have been able to get
her out of Cambodia.
It was not quite crystal clear that we would succeed. Cambodia has no extradition treaty with Sweden and the country
still lack to sign the Hague Convention on abducted children”, she says to TT.
    Faced by all the journalist who targeted her, however, she had some criticism
of how the Swedish authorities have acted.
    “This has taken far too long. The need to create better procedures is obvious.
    TT: How is your daughter feeling?
    “She is feeling good despite everything. She is probably in shock about what
has happened but now I see a big change with her. She seems to be very happy to
come home to Sweden.

    TT: What will you do now?
    “Now, let’s celebrate the holiday and take it easy and try to find our way back
to each other.
    The girls 47-year-old norwegian father has been internationally wanted suspected of
kidnapping his own daughter. He is now arrested in Cambodia,
and is expected to be extradited next week.

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