Norwegian Minister of Finance Visits China

Norway’s Minister of Finance Mr. Sigbjørn Johnsen will visit China in the period 10-14 April, on invitation from China’s Minister of Finance Xie Xuren. Apart from meetings at the Ministry of Finance, Mr Johnsen will have talks with the National Development and Reform Comission (NDRC), China Investment Corporation (CIC) and representatives from the People’s Bank of China. He will, in addition, deliver a speech at the Central Party School in Beijing.

The Minister will then travel onwards to Shanghai for the last day of the visit. The program in Shanghai includes a meeting with the city’s vice-mayor as well as a visit to the Norwegian expo-pavilion.

Talks will primarily revolve around an exchange of views on the outlook for the global economy and lessons from the financial crisis. Other topics to be discussed are International cooperation on economic and financial issues, including potential Sino-Norwegian collaboration, as well as the role of the G20, and issues and experiences related to the Sovereign Wealth Funds of Norway and China.

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