What Makes Jyske Bank Different

Jyske Bank Private Banking offers investment and financial advice to international clients.
“Some people would say “isn’t that what they all offer?” But we are actually different – and Danish – in quite a number of ways,” says S.ren F.nskov Olsen and Lars Bro Olesen, both Senior Business Developer at Jyske Bank in Schweiz.
“The informal and open atmosphere we share with our clients is part of our Danish corporate culture, but in every other way we are definitely an international player working in a variety of currencies.”

“On our way to China”
The two advisers are currently planning a six week tour between 27 September and 5 November to visit clients and other interested Scandinavians living in China.
“Visiting our clients regularly is just one of the ways that we keep in personal contact,” they explain.
“We use these visits to further familiarize ourselves in detail with their specific wishes and requirements.”
All clients are also given a direct phone number and email address to their personal adviser so that they can quickly contact him or her. And if the adviser is not available, a colleague from the team will be pleased to assist instead.

Not paid commission
Another important point is that Jyske Bank advisers are not paid any commissions on the clients’ investments.
“This is one of the ways we make sure that our advisers offer only objective advice on the investment strategy which best matches the clients profile,” Søren Fønskov Olsen and Lars Bro Olesen explain.
“In fact it is not only the personal adviser – the management and other employees of Jyske Bank are not paid any kind of bonus either,” they add.
As a result, Jyske Bank has been able to authorize its staff to make decisions on an individual basis because no other irrelevant issues than the benefit of the client are at play.
“It is a question of values and standards. Although we are an independent bank in Switzerland we are fundamentally still part of a highly value-based organization with mutual balance between clients, shareholders and employees.”

Best of two worlds
Being a Danish bank operating out of Switzerland is like combining the best of two worlds, they add.
“Switzerland has a long tradition as a banking nation and enjoys a favourable international reputation. It’s a question of quality, security and discretion.”
And then there is the accumulated know-how.
“Did know that today, more than 30 per cent of the world’s private investment capital is managed by Swiss banks?”
Søren Fønskov Olsen can be contacted on telephone +41 44 368 73 49 or via email olsen@jyskebank.ch – Lars Bro Olesen has telephone number +41 44 368 73 52 and email bro@jyskebank.ch

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