Indonesia broke secrecy agreement with Swedish investigators

Indonesian officials broke a secrecy agreement with the Swedish investigators led by chief prosecutor Tomas Lindstrand and leaked information about visiting dates and identities of individuals interrogated in Indonesia.
     This says Swedish foreign ministry sources to Scandasia.
     Anyone can see that Indonesian media carried such information, quoting Indonesian officials on prisoner names, during the visit.
     There is however not yet any comment available from Tomas Lindstrand on the allegations.
     His team interrogated 23 persons in Indonesia before they returned to Sweden this week.
     Information gained in Indonesia will be compared with material in Stockholm before any decision to hear GAM leaders residing in Sweden is taken.
     Tomas Lindstrand launched a preliminary investigation last month against GAM leaders in Sweden. The visit to Indonesia was a crucial part of the investigation.
     His team talked to imprisoned GAM members in the Aceh province and in Jakarta. Indonesian officials did also provide new material to the investigators.
     GAM wants to make Aceh a free nation. After a brief round of peace talks last year fighting broke out again and the intensity of this war has increased ever since.

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