GenoMar looking to make Singapore regional headquarters

GenoMar ASA (GenoMar), which specializes in aquatic species, plans to expand its operations in Asia over the next few years and is currently exploring the possibility of locating their regional headquarters in Singapore, the life science company from Norway stated in its release March 18.
     In the same release, GenoMar announced a long-term research collaboration with Singapore’s Temasek Lifesciences Laboratory (TLL). The collaboration work will be focused on the Nile tilapia and Atlantic salmon.
     The two sides also intend to pursue further long-term joint R&D on other fish with high economic potentials in the near future.
     GenoMar believes a long-term collaboration with the Asia’s leading life science company would secure its access to the latest state-of-the-art life science technology.
     “Furthermore, we believe that TLL will be a front-runner in life sciences and together we want to set the agenda for sustainable aquaculture and food safety,” said Genomar president and founder, Professor Øystein Lie.
     “The Economic Development Board (EDB) and Agri-food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) have been very supportive in this context, making Singapore an easy choice for GenoMar’s expansion plans in the region,” he added.
     Professor Lie also extended his gratitude to Innovation Norway (formerly known as Norwegian Trade Council) that has provided good coaching.
     TLL will participate with GenoMar in a QTL mapping project on their tilapia broodstock, and will assist GenoMar with genotyping to augment their partnership with salmon breeding operations.
     “Molecular biology provides powerful tools that can be effectively applied to the aquaculture industry. We are tremendously pleased to see GenoMar enter a partnership with TLL to leverage on our vast fish molecular biology expertise,” said TLL acting director A/Prof Mohan Balasubramanian, TTActing Director of TLL.
     For more information about GenoMar and TLL, please visit their websites: and

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