Legendary Iron Fairies at a new location, Grand Opening!

An amazing lot of people followed Johan Davidsson’s invitation to come and celebrate the night with him and his staff at Iron Fairies. Johan said, that he was really worried, that the people would not have enough space and to be very honest, during the evening, that started early with some special invited guests, the bar did become quite crowded. People were in celebration mood and no one complained about the throng. The DJ played great music accompanied by a saxophonist.

The atmosphere was charged, wild laughing and heated discussions. Beer, Soda water, Tequila and Gin Tonic were offered for free in the beginning of the evening and most appreciated among the guests. The famous “Iron Fairies Cages” were of course not missing. In each cage a girl covered in a tight latex dress swinging light loops.

The bar offers whatever cocktail you ask for, Champagne, wine and more. Since the opening of Iron Fairies on Ekamai, the bar has been an underground playground for the Bangkok party crowd. There are famous and popular DJ’s in charge of the music, live bands performing all the best sounds from over the world.

This is a bar that you have to visit, if you not already have. Enjoy a relaxed evening in this very unique bar.

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