Agneta de Bekassy

Struer – where is that?

Struer is probably the last city that comes to your mind when thinking about Denmark? You probably think of the beautiful capital Copenhagen on Sjaelland. Or maybe Aarhus, I had also never heard about Struer before my brother married a woman from this town. Now, I have to tell you what a nice place this…

Pro-Fit Bangkok

Pro-Fit Bangkok is a freelance personal fitness trainer in Bangkok specializing in clinically based personal training & plant based nutrition coaching. Pro-Fit Bangkok Owner & Head Personal Trainer Dennis Romatz is an Internationally acclaimed professional personal trainer with a University education in Exercise Science, Nutrition and 33 years personal trainer & nutritional coaching experience.

The feeling of being an actress/actor in a science fiction movie!

Life is getting harder and harder every day for all of us. It’s difficult to “take in” this surreal situation. You have a feeling of being part of a science fiction movie. You hear news and specialists analyzing the Covid19 every day, from morning until evening and it’s so difficult to know who is right…