Export advisers visit Denmark

Anthony Leong, senior commercial advisor at the Danish embassy in Singapore, tells that even though exporting goods to the South East Asian markets can be an issue of interest to many Danish Companies, there are other possibilities.
         “Both Singapore and Denmark are rather small countries with a lot of SMEs. Some of the companies will be able to benefit from collaborating with each other. It could be a Danish software company looking to sell their software in Asia and an Asian software company wanting to sell their products in Europe, and these companies could be able to help one another”, Anthony Leong says.
         Anthony Leong will be joined by colleagues from Danish embassies in Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Vietnam and Thailand. According to Anthony Leong, so far 30-40 companies have asked for a meeting with the commercial officers on their five day tour to Denmark, bringing them to Copenhagen, Århus, Aalborg and Kolding.

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