Danish Vietnames Joint Venture Aims for Leading Market Position

On Friday 9 September the inauguration of TAC Paritas, a joint venture between Danish Paritas and Vietnamese Tan A Chau was held in HCMC, the very active homepage of the Danish Embassy in Vietnam reports.
         “Our partnership with Paritas was initiated in 2003 and has now resulted in the formation of our Joint Venture and today’s inauguration of our brand new factory is a milestone in our development. We aim at growth in both the domestic and foreign market”, says Mr. Nguyen Van Luong, general director of TAC Paritas.
         Chairman of the board, Mr. Arne Bramsted says: “The fast growing demand for high quality graphic solutions in Vietnam makes this a very lucrative market. However, foreign suppliers currently dominate the high end of this market. We want to capture some of the growth in this segment.”
         Based on Paritas’ Danish know how and Tan A Chau’s local knowledge and experience, the partners seeks to upgrade capacity, enabling TAC Paritas to provide “Full Service solutions” ranging from graphic design, high quality printing and packaging to advise on graphic and marketing consulting services. In this way the joint venture will be able to compete with the foreign suppliers for a larger market share.

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