Swedish Chef at Raffles Grill in Singapore

Visiting Singapore on 4-7 October, Swedish award-winning Samulesson will be joined by Aquavit’s Executive Chef Nils Noren, a fellow Swedish who brings with him over fifteen years of culinary expertise will present Scandinavian cooking at Raffles Grill by Jacques & Laurent Pourcel, Singapore.
         Aquavit has had several four-ratings consecutively in Forbes’ annual “All-Star Eateries” feature amongst other awards.
         Chef Marcus Samulesson, who is the co-owner of the restaurant Aquavit in New York, was named “Best Chef: New York City” by the James Beard Foundation in 2003. He is the youngest chef ever to receive a three-star rating from The New York Times.
         Raised in Sweden, he discovered at an early age his passion for cooking alongside his foster grandmother, who was a professional cook. He has since then received more accolades for his age than most chefs receive in a lifetime. The talented chef has written three critically-acclaimed and award-winning cookbooks and was also featured in numerous publications.

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