Norway-Asia Business Conference in Singapore

The 8th Norway-Asia Business Conference will take place 10-11 November 2005 at Shangri-La hotel, Singapore.
         The main objectives of the conference are to gather Norwegian and Norwegian associated businesses representatives to be updated on the political and economic development in the region. Obtain impulses from trends and drivers.
         Participants will be able to share working experiences in the Asia Pacific region, also to build networks among the business participants, representatives of embassies, ministries, organizations and institutions.
         The Conference will have distinguished speakers from Singapore, Norway and from Asia. Among others, you will find Professor Tommy Koh, Mr. Svein Aaser, Dr. Fereidun Fesharaki, Mr. Peter Melbye, Mr. Dan Odfjell, Mr. Peter M. Anker, Mr. Kjell Roland, and Mr. Vijay Iyengar.
         Some highlight of the subjects to be disscuss in the two days conference are such as “Economic Overview on the region”, “Norwegian interests in South East Asia”, “The Great Reserves Race – What does it take to be a winner in the global competition to access new petroleum reserves?”, “US$100 oil – Will it be a reality?”, “Cooperate or Conquer? – What strategy does China take in business?”, and “A road map for successful business in India”.
         A preliminary draft of the program will be announced on and through the ScandMail email lists.

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