Danes Warned Against Terror in Thailand

Travel with care. If at all. That is the message to Thailand-bound Danes from Denmark’s Foreign Ministry following Thai authorities’ decision to upgrade the state of alert for its most popular tourist destinations.
       According to the Danish Foreign Ministry, the Thai government believes there is a connection between the bombings in Bali last week and some of the militant groups residing in Thailand. In order to prevent similar terror attacks from happening in the places where Thailand enjoys most of its lucrative tourist flows, the government has issued a decree that will make it possible to speedily declare a ‘state of emergency’ in places like Phuket, Pattaya, and Phang Nga. In addition, the military patrolling has already been increased.
 The warning from Denmark’s Foreign Ministry was passed on to the Danish population Wednesday evening on nationwide television during the well-watched news-broadcast, TV2 Nyhederne. Also interviewed were various Danish travel agencies that are now passing on the same advice to its travelers.

Tips for Danes Living in Thailand
But the travel advice from the Danish authorities is not just directed at tourists traveling from Denmark – it also appeals to the Danes living in Thailand.
 “Danes in Thailand should show great watchfulness […] Danish companies should cooperate with the local authorities and thoroughly check their security measurements. Alertness should especially be shown around British and international schools. Parents with children attending such schools should consult with the school management concerning the children’s safety,” writes the Danish Foreign Ministry on their website on Tuesday this week.
 As was already the case before the bombings in Bali, the Ministry still warns against all unnecessary journeys to the southern Thai regions of Narathiwat, Yala, Pattani, and Songkhla.

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