Finnish Technopolis and Singapore Science Park Sign Cooperation Agreement

Technopolis has signed a broad cooperation agreement with Ascendas, the parent company of Singapore Science Park, reported on 26 September.
         Both organizations are world-class providers of environments for high-tech companies, but they see excellent opportunities to learn from one another through intensified cooperation. The purpose of the agreement is to speed up the development of their respective technology park concepts and enhance their independent and joint business activities. 
         Technopolis and Ascendas will exchange information and ideas on science park planning, property development, facility management and customer service support systems with a view to identifying and deploying best practices common to both operations. 
         Both parties want to help their fast-growth SME clients to accelerate their internationalization. To this end the companies will work together to create bilateral international acceleration pipelines into each other’s operational territories. They will also share information and experiences in neutral territories in order to boost the efficiency of these activities. 
         Business incubation has been identified as specific area for strategic collaboration. The companies will study their respective hard and soft discovery, pre-incubation and incubation services, and work together to enhance the growth support services provided to “Born Global” start-ups. 
         Technopolis and Ascendas are both committed to continuously developing their customer feedback mechanisms and quality assurance systems. Within the framework of the agreement they will compare their customer service management and information systems and learn together how to optimize these mission critical systems.
         Both Technopolis and Ascendas are now rapidly expanding and internationalizing. As part of the agreement the two companies will attempt to identify completely new ways to work together to accelerate expansion while reducing risk.
         In terms of the number of clients, Technopolis Plc is one of the Europe’s largest technology centers. It is also the largest company in Finland specializing in providing operating environments for high tech companies. It offers a comprehensive service package combining modern premises, business and employee services, development programs and consultation. 
         Technopolis currently operates in Oulu, Vantaa, and Espoo, and is preparing to enter the Baltic and Russian markets. Approximately 8,000 people work in its technology centres for nearly 600 companies.
Ascendas is the Asia’s foremost provider prestige business environments in Singapore. The company owns and operates business, industrial and science parks in Singapore, and has operations in several other countries, including India, China and South Korea.

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