Jysk Travel Expands Business in South East Asia

            Despite rising oil prices, tsunami, earthquakes and hurricanes, individual travellers still want to travel and experience the many adventurous treasures of South East Asia,
            “We are happy that still more and more customers wants to travel on their own in this fantastic part of the world”, says Jacob Bojsen, the new Regional Manager for Jysk Travel Company in Asia.
            Jysk Travel Company is among the biggest organizer of individual tourism to Thailand for Danes. As a result of the success Jysk Travel Company decided to establish a new manager job in the region to continue the development. Jacob Bojsen is responsible for the activities in the region including service centres with local and Danish employees located in Hanoi, Delhi, Kathmandu, Bali and Bangkok where he has his base at Jysk Travel Company’s guest house “New Road Guesthouse”
            “In Denmark the competition between the travel agencies for individuals, is mainly in the level of service and knowledge, rather than the price” tells Jacob Bojsen.
            “Our aim is to help people in the best possible way to travel on their own.” he continues. In order to do that, Jysk Travel Company has always had employees travelling around, looking for new unique spots, guesthouses and trekking tours.
            Jysk Travel Company is right now building a new ship for SeaSafari trip and also a resort at Koh Kood that is expected to be finished by the end of this year.
            Jacob Bojsen is 27 years old. An adventurer, with a background in the financial world. He previously worked as a financial adviser at “Nykredit” in Aalborg in northern Denmark.
            He loves skiing and has been working as ski instructor in Austria and France. In his spare time he plays golf, squash, dives and as he says: “Nothing is better than a god adrenaline kick”.
            Travelling is, however, his biggest interest and Jacob has been far around in most parts of the world. In 2002 he got into the travel industry as Branch Manager at Jysk Travel Company’s office in Aalborg in Denmark and have since June 2005 been working as Regional Manager, Asia.
            Jysk Travel Company normally use very little money on marketing but has right now cinema advertisements running in Denmark that have been filmed in Thailand and produced by MR Production, which recently established itself in Thailand.

Facts about Jysk travel Company.

  • 20 year old Danish family own travel agency.
  • Service center in Bangkok for 15 years.
  • 5 branches in Denmark and 1 in Norway
  • Service center in Bangkok, Hanoi, Kathmandu, Delhi, Bali, Kenya, Venezuela.
  • Yearly 26.000 customers – 10.000 to Thailand.
  • 75 employees in Denmark
  • Won the Danish travel award in 2002 and 2004 “Best leisure travelagency”
  • Won the “Friends of Thailand” award 2002
  • Homepage : www.jysk-rejsebureau.dk

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