Norwegian Delegates Attend Tsunami Memorial

Norwegian former Foreign Minister Jan Petersen on behalf of Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre was at time of press scheduled to attend the ceremony to mark the one year anniversary of the  Tsunami in Khao Lak, Thailand on 26 December 2005. Mr Peter¬sen would be accompanied by Norwegian ambassador to Thailand, Merete Fjeld Brattested.
         “This is appropriate as he followed the tragedy at such close hand and as it was under his leadership that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs arranged memorial journeys for families of the victims, I am delighted that Jan Petersen has agreed to represent Norway.” said Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre. 
         According to Thai Foreign Ministry’s homepage, 7 Norwegians, 114 Swedes, 24 Finns and 18 Danes applied to attend the ceremony. Other attendees were delegates of international organisations, NGOs, diplomats and volunteers.

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