Thailand’s Training on Tsunami Warning System

Thailand tested its Tsunami Warning System on Friday 16 December. The training aims to ensure that people are well trained to handle the possible incident.
        The test covered 6 provinces in the Southern of Thailand that were hit by the last-year Tsunami. Around 80 local and foreign journalists witnessed the warning and evacuation system. 
        “We are quite satisfied with the result of the evacuation training. With the warning system we can ensure that when the possible disaster happen we can tell people to run for the save place. Besides this practice and training, we also put curriculum for student to know how to handle the incident,” says Prime Minister’s Office Minister Suranan Vejjajiva. 
        On a press conference, Finnish journalist Timo Kuronen asked about the in formation for those relatives of Finnish Victim to reserve their attendance in a one year of Tsunami memorial that will be held on 26 December 2006. The delegates say the reservation for foreign guests is due to the Ministry of Foreign Affair.

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