SENSA Retreat Focuses On Key Development Issues

SENSA’s annual retreat discussed the challenge of linking bilateral programs while a work plan for 2006 was also endorsed.
Keynote speakers such as Mr. Linkham Duoangsavanh (National Agriculture and Forestry Research Institute, NAFRI, Lao PDR), Mr. Li Bo (Center for Biodiversity and Indigenous Knowledge, CBIK, China) and Assoc. Prof. Tran Duc Vien (Vice Rector, Hanoi University) contributed to discussions on the questions of natural resource use and rural livelihood protection in the uplands, at a time of accelerating regional integration and rapid economic growth.
On the matter of environmental implications of increasing trade, Dr. Tariq Banuri (Stockholm Environment Institute, SEI, Asia, Bangkok), Professor Minquan Liu (Centre for Economic and Development Studies, Beijing) and Mr. Ricardo Melendez-Ortiz (International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development, ICTSD, Geneva) lead the discussions.
Speakers on the issue of ‘Sustainable Urbanization – is it possible?’ included Professor Said Irandoust (President, Asian Institute of Technology, AIT, Bangkok), Dr. Somrudee Nicro (Thailand Environment Institute, TEI, Bangkok), Mr. Hans Lundberg (Swedish Institute for Environmental Research, Stockholm), Mr. Rutger Engsäll (Swedish Trade Council, Stockholm) and Ms. Sara Stenhammar (Sida, Stockholm).

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