Höganäs Move Factory To Thailand To Secure The Brand

About two years from now Höganäs could celebrate its 100-year anniversary. But instead the famous factory’s production of bowls and mugs will move to Thailand.
    “We must ensure and safeguard the future of the brand”, says chief designer Örjan Johansson to the Swedish Daily Helsingborg.
    From the foot of Kullaberg the clay was collected from the very beginning when the plant began operating. Producing clay mugs and bowls designed by Andersson and Johansson designed. But now the production is relocated to Thailand.
    “We have initiated a close collaboration with the plant in Thailand and the quality is what I am least worried about”, says Örjan Johansson and stresses that it is a shame that the move affects individuals but that it still has 145 employees in Höganäs.
    ”We will still continue to keep in marketing, product development and distribution in Sweden”.
    The move means that, according to Örjan Johansson that it may also invest in new Swedish designers and find other ways that can secure the Höganäs brands future.
    The currently most popular product from Höganäs, the 18-year-old “Kollektionsmuggen” can also join the bunch of the factory’s classics.
    “The older generation might associate Höganäs with Höganäskruset but for the young people, I think it is about the ability to vary and combine colour and shape itself, a little bit like children playing with Lego”.

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