Danish Woman Regain The Contact With Her Sponsor Child In Thailand

Birte Jensen from the Danish town Skive has after some time and hard work established the contact with her former sponsor child in Thailand, writes the danish daily Skive Folkeblad.
    Last year the contact ended, after the Børnefondens (Child Faoundation) U.S. partner stopped cooperation, and Birte Jensen have ever since tried regain the contact to the child, Wipaporn, 11, she had supported with money for schooling and food since 2004.
    The support went trough Børnefonden. The girl’s parents died of AIDS, and she now lived with his old grandparents in a small, poor village. Power is not something of the opportunity, and the only income came from the grandmother’s small rice paddy.
    Birte Jensen had sent the dresses and jewellery and received letters and drawings back. All contact was through the local branch of Børnefonden in Thailand. In January of 2007 she took with her husband, John, out to visit the girl.
    “The interpreter told that Wipaporn had had stomach ache before we came, and that she told at school that her new parents had paid her a visit. We were only permitted to stay with her for a half day, but we went around with each other in the hand”, remember Birthe Jensen.
    Shortly after Birte´s return to Denmark from Thailand, she was told that Børnefonden was about to phase out cooperation with Thailand. The country now had enough money to fend for them. So within a year or two, she could no longer sponsor Wipaporn.
    But despite Børnefondens staff said that would take a few years before the cooperation would end, it took only a few days before all contact was over.
    According Birte Jensen, the 12-year-old girl, living with his grandmother, was not informed that the project ended and had been very sad, that she no longer heard from Birte Jensen and her husband John.
    Børnefonden deny the allegations and say that all the people involved were informed.

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