Danish Consul: It Is Easier To Get A Visa To North Korea Than To Denmark

It is easier to obtain a visa to North Korea than to Denmark, says Danish consul in Pattaya, Thailand, Stig Vagt-Andersen, to TV 2 Nyhederne. It is his experience that it takes one or even two months to get a simple tourist visa to Denmark.
    “It is a pity if we assume that everybody are criminals, until they are proven innocent”, says the Danish consul.
    The problem also affects Danish businessmen, married to non-Danish women.
    The Danish visa rules made Torben Jensen, who is the director of the shipping company UTI, go through Germany to obtain a Schengen visa, which applies in all Schengen countries, including Denmark.
    “In the past years, it has taken a couple of weeks to get a visa for my wife, but this time we had to wait for almost seven weeks,” he says, underlining that his Indian wife does not feel welcome in Denmark.
    “She is married to me, but is being treated like a second class citizen,” he said to TV 2 Nyhederne.
    According to the Danish ambassador to Thailand, Michael Sternberg, one should start the visa process in good time, if you need a visa to Denmark.
    “If we know that you have to go to Denmark early on in the process, then it is possible to go. But if you show up within the last minute it is not possible right now,” said the Danish ambassador.
    The Danish minister for integration, Birthe Rønn Hornbech (V), says to TV 2 Nyhederne that she will now examine the long delays.

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